Beds by ultimate was started in 2010 by childhood friends Esther Berger and Gayil Greenberg. Always sharing a love for design - and a passion for perfection - they started a small decorating firm in 2007. When designing a bedroom - they believed the bed was the heart of the room and that through linens and pillows the room comes alive. Eventually they began to realize that even more important than the dressings - was the bed itself - and putting their individual strengths together they created "the ultimate bed". Within a few months the business grew beyond their imagination - and today they help create beautiful bedrooms all over the world.


Our styles vary…

… from traditional to contemporary and include: nail heads, tufting, piping, top stitching and a variety of trims. We do individually wrapped boxes, whole walls and all types of custom work. We also offer pop up trundles and high-riser beds with an option of twin to full size tops. We have a large selection of beautiful practical and affordable fabrics. From leather looks to wovens to velvets and vibrant prints... the skies the limit to what we can create!


We have a variety of bed sizes.

Twin, Full, Queen, King, as well as custom sizes such as 33", 44" and 48". Headboard heights are standard {48" - 53"}. Custom extra tall heights are available upon request.

We design daybeds, regular high riser beds and even bunk beds! Top platforms sized to your specification. Pop up trundles are 33" or 39". We also offer platforms with a storage drawer option.


Clinomania (n.)

An excessive desire to stay in bed all day.

A possible side effect when sleeping in a Beds by Ultimate bed!